Linki 2019-09-23

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  1. Database Internals: A Deep Dive into How Distributed Data Systems Work
  2. Cloud Maturity Matrix
  3. Containership Shutdown
  4. Even more amazing papers at VLDB 2019 (that I didn’t have space to cover yet)
  5. From automatic differentiation to message passing
  6. Introducing Ristretto: A High-Performance Go Cache
  7. Kubernetes 1.16: Custom Resources, Overhauled Metrics, and Volume Extensions
  8. Kubernetes is not for operations
  9. Let’s Encrypt makes certs for almost 30% of web domains! RC4/3DES/TLS 1.0 are still used! Certs for hundreds of years! Analyzing hundreds of millions of SSL handshakes
  10. open-policy-agent/gatekeeper
  11. pure bash bible
  12. Shape Up
  13. Silicon Valley is terrified of California’s privacy law. Good.
  14. Software Architecture is Overrated, Clear and Simple Design is Underrated
  15. Why I prefer functional programming
  16. The cost of JavaScript in 2019 · V8
  17. The traits of serverless architecture
  18. Twarze 100k nieistniejących ludzi (wygenerowanych przez AI) do pobrania bez „Copyrightu”
  19. Using TLA+ for fun and profit in the development of Elasticsearch - Yannick Welsch
  20. Why Go and not Rust?
  21. Why HR Depts are such a bad idea
  22. Why Rust and not Go
  23. Working with GitHub Actions