Linki 2019-07-24

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  1. Resolve code issues in live apps running in Azure Kubernetes Services with the Snapshot Debugger
  2. “10x engineers”: Stereotypes and research
  3. A personal story about 10× development
  4. 2019 Examples to Compare OCR Services: Amazon Textract/Rekognition vs Google Vision vs Microsoft Cognitive Services
  5. A 1x Engineer…
  6. A proactive approach to more secure code – Microsoft Security Response Center
  7. A Very Cold Take on IBM, Red Hat and Their Hybrid Cloud Hyperbole
  8. ciao
  9. Deprecated APIs Removed In 1.16: Here’s What You Need To Know
  10. Developer Tropes: “Google does it”
  11. Faster, cheaper, and better: A story of breaking a monolith
  12. How Headless CMS Is Killing the Buy vs Build Decision
  13. How to model hierarchical data in noSQL databases
  14. How Uber, Facebook, and Netflix Do SSH
  15. HTTP Security Headers - A Complete Guide
  16. I Was A 10x Engineer. And I’m Sorry.
  17. I’m crazy: I ask job candidates to do homework!
  18. Microsoft to explore using Rust
  19. Models of Generics and Metaprogramming: Go, Rust, Swift, D and More
  20. On Databases and Non-Volatile Memory technologies. Interview with Joy Arulraj and Andrew Pavlo
  21. Powering a mainframe
  22. Proposal: A built-in Go error check function, “try”
  23. Things I Learnt The Hard Way (in 30 Years of Software Development)
  24. Understanding Docker container escapes
  25. Using Rust to Scale Elixir for 11 Million Concurrent Users
  26. What senior engineers do: fix knowledge holes
  27. You are thinking about serverless costs all wrong
  28. Your nines are not my nines