Linki 2019-07-17

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  2. 10 tips for reviewing code you don’t like
  3. ARPANET, Part 3: The Subnet
  4. Details of the Cloudflare outage on July 2, 2019
  5. Developers don’t understand CORS
  6. eko/monday - ⚡️ A dev tool for microservice developers that run local applications and/or forward some others from Kubernetes or over SSH
  7. How to write idempotent Bash scripts · Fatih Arslan
  8. k3v - Virtual Kubernetes - ibuildthecloud/k3v
  9. Intro Guide to Dockerfile Best Practices
  10. Microsoft Attempting to Destroy the Careers of Its Critics, Including Free Software Proponents
  11. Raspberry Pi 4 B+ - PCI Express
  12. A set of exercises that will help you to prepare for the Certified Kubernetes Administrator exam, offered by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation - stretchcloud/cka-lab-practice
  13. Ten Years of Erlang
  14. The Evolving Infrastructure of .NET Core
  15. Think the Cloud.
  16. Webpack crushes when tries to print a message about donating in Windows 8.1 · Issue #962 · webpack/webpack-cli
  17. You probably don’t need a single-page application