Linki 2019-06-22

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  1. Internet Trends 2019
  2. A case for managed and model-less inference serving
  3. A Look at How to Use TokenRequest Api
  4. Advice to Less Experienced Developers
  5. Announcing Envoy Mobile
  6. As above, so below: El Reg haunts Scaleway’s data centre catacombs 26 metres under Paris
  7. Chinese-Produced Zhaoxin KX-6000 CPUs Purportedly Match Intel’s Core i5-7400
  8. Cloudflare Time Services
  9. Docker ❤️ WSL 2 – The Future of Docker Desktop for Windows
  10. Future of CRDs: Structural Schemas
  11. Go Creeping In
  12. HAProxy 2.0 and Beyond
  13. Compilation of public failure/horror stories related to Kubernetes
  14. Implementing a resumable exception system in Go
  15. Introducing Volume Cloning Alpha for Kubernetes
  16. It’s Just A Swipe Away
  17. Kernels 101 – Let’s write a Kernel
  18. Kubernetes 1.15: Extensibility and Continuous Improvement
  19. Nines are not enough: meaningful metrics for clouds
  20. ottomatica/slim
  21. Simple techniques to optimise Go programs
  22. Things I Learnt The Hard Way (in 30 Years of Software Development)
  23. Using Kind to test a pr for Kubernetes.
  24. What bugs cause cloud production incidents?
  25. What is Ephemeral Access & Certificates
  26. Windows Terminal Microsoft Store Preview Release