Linki 2019-06-11

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  1. Kill your heroes
  2. ARPANET, Part 2: The Packet
  3. Benchmarking Istio & Linkerd CPU
  4. Billions were wasted on Hadoop startups, and the same will eventually be true of Docker
  5. Broken by default: why you should avoid most Dockerfile examples
  6. Building a stateless API proxy
  7. Building Facebook’s service encryption infrastructure
  8. Building for 50M concurrent socket connections | Powering the Social Feed
  9. CVE-2018-15664: docker (all versions) is vulnerable to a symlink-race attack
  10. Data validation for machine learning
  11. Distributed Locks are Dead; Long Live Distributed Locks!
  12. Docker Bug Allows Root Access to Host File System
  13. Examining the Transformer Architecture – Part 1: The OpenAI GPT 2 Controversy 
  14. Flares ? is a CloudFlare DNS backup tool
  15. golang/proposal
  16. How Canary Deployments Work, Part 1: Kubernetes, Istio and Linkerd
  17. How to use Trill for impression feedback (part 1)
  18. If ‘Big Tech’ Is a Huge Antitrust Problem, Why Are We Ignoring Telecom?
  19. On Being A Senior Engineer
  20. Micro Frontends
  21. Microsoft and Oracle link up their clouds
  22. Part II: Why Is There No Docker in OpenShift 4 and RHEL 8?
  23. Rethinking Visual Programming with Go
  24. Sync Folder with Azure Blob Storage
  25. Tech and Antitrust
  26. The pain of a successful Hacker News launch
  27. Towards federated learning at scale: system design
  28. Unexceptional non-blocking task-based flow control in .NET
  29. wasmerio/go-ext-wasm
  30. What Makes a (Graphics) Systems Paper Beautiful
  31. What’s coming in Go 1.13 - 2019
  32. Why Codeless Software is Doomed to Fail
  33. Why Is Storage On Kubernetes So Hard?
  34. Why We’re Relicensing CockroachDB
  35. Why We’re Switching to gRPC
  36. Will it cluster? k3s on your Raspberry Pi