Linki 2019-05-26

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  1. “So I’ve been thinking a bit about Service Meshes, especially with the whole SMI (Service Mesh Interface) thing. (Thread) 118 As a tl;dr for […]”
  2. Building a To-Do List with Workers and KV
  3. Buying an IBM Mainframe
  4. Chris’s Wiki : blog/programming/GoIsGooglesLanguage
  5. Compress objects, not cache lines: an object-based compressed memory hierarchy
  6. Containers, microservices, and service meshes
  7. Employing QUIC Protocol to Optimize Uber’s App Performance
  8. Free online timeline maker
  9. Hello Service Mesh Interface (SMI): A specification for service mesh interoperability
  10. Introducing Terraform 0.12
  11. HostiFi 2.0: Why I’m completely rewriting my $5,735 MRR SaaS
  12. I don’t know how CPUs work so I simulated one in code
  13. Merging OpenTracing and OpenCensus: A Roadmap to Convergence
  14. Monitoring Linux Processes using Prometheus and Grafana
  15. nextdns
  16. GitHub Actions for deploying to GitHub Pages with Static Site Generators
  17. RPCValet: NI-driven tail-aware balancing of µs-scale RPCs
  18. Securing Back-end App Service Web Apps with VNets and Service Endpoints
  19. Software-defined far memory in warehouse scale computers
  20. Static web - back to the roots?
  21. The Automator’s Dilemma
  22. The clusterfuck hidden in the Kubernetes code base
  23. Visual Studio Code Remote Development may change everything