Linki 2019-05-02

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  1. Bullshitters. Who Are They and What Do We Know about Their Lives?
  2. Accenture sued over website redesign so bad it Hertz: Car hire biz demands $32m+ for ‘defective’ cyber-revamp
  3. Backblaze Hard Drive Stats Q1 2019
  4. Can’t Git no satisfaction: why we need a new-gen source control
  5. Cloud Irregular: IAM Is The Real Cloud Lock-In
  6. Data in a Flash, Part I: the Evolution of Disk Storage and an Introduction to NVMe
  7. Ergonomic Workstation Tool, Workspace Planner
  8. Erlang: The Movie (Fixed Audio)
  9. Foundations of Databases
  10. Go 1.13: xerrors
  11. Goodbye Joe
  12. Goto and the folly of dogma
  13. How On-Demand Pricing Slashed our DynamoDB Bill by 90%
  14. intel/nemu - Modern Hypervisor for the Cloud
  15. Introduction to LSM Trees: May the logs be with you
  16. Istio Observability with Go, gRPC, and Protocol Buffers-based Microservices
  17. License Zero // Enterpriseification
  18. Life of a binary
  19. Microsoft engineer complains that company is biased against white men
  20. Microsoft Build Accelerator - Microsoft/BuildXL
  21. Now
  22. Open-sourcing F14 for faster, more memory-efficient hash tables
  23. Should that be a Microservice? Keep These Six Factors in Mind
  24. SOA vs. EDA: Is Not Life Simply a Series of Events?
  25. The Climate and Cloudflare
  26. The TTY demystified
  27. Why OO Sucks