Linki 2019-04-13

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  1. A fork() in the road
  2. AWS App Mesh is now generally available
  3. Building the System/360 Mainframe Nearly Destroyed IBM
  4. EdgeDB 1.0 Alpha 1
  5. A research kernel and hypervisor attempting to get fully deterministic emulation with minimum performance cost
  6. Google Cloud challenges AWS with new open-source integrations
  7. Great developers are raised, not hired
  8. Hacker News Papers
  9. High Performance Go Workshop
  10. How Skype modernized its backend infrastructure using Azure Cosmos DB – Part 1
  11. How the Company-Startup Thing Worked Out For Me, Year 7
  12. Infrastructure as Code, Part One
  13. Is It Time to Rewrite the Operating System in Rust?
  14. Jak wdrożyć bezpieczeństwo w małej / średniej firmie? Kompleksowy dokument
  15. by ex-googlers, for ex-googlers - a lookup table of similar tech & services
  16. Monotype launches the first redesign in 35 years of the world’s most ubiquitous font, Helvetica
  17. News to build on: 122+ announcements from Google Cloud Next ‘19
  18. Reasons to Avoid Third Party Portals in Front of Azure
  19. Jailbreaking Subaru StarLink
  20. The OpenSSD Project
  21. Traffic Director BETA
  22. Using TLA+ to Model Cascading Failures
  23. What is BGP Visibility, Really?
  24. Why vi Rocks (WIP)
  25. Windows 3.1 In My BIOS? It’s More Likely Than You Think
  26. Workshop Design
  27. Your terminal is not a terminal: An Introduction to Streams