Linki 2019-04-07

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  1. 3 node.js scalability problems and how to solve them ?
  2. Amundsen — Lyft’s data discovery & metadata engine
  3. Chinese developers use Github to protest against country’s 996 work schedule
  4. Chris’s Wiki : blog/tech/NVMeAndTechChange
  5. Agile Lite: Agile without all the burnout
  7. Error Handling in Go
  8. Establishing software root of trust unconditionally
  9. From alert to driver vulnerability: Microsoft Defender ATP investigation unearths privilege escalation flaw
  10. Ginseng: keeping secrets in registers when you distrust the operating system
  11. Go on, feast your eyes on… HMRC’s backend: 4,000 IT staff, its hookup with AWS and more
  12. I’m joining Cloudflare
  13. Idiomatic monads in Rust
  14. Introducing Warp: Fixing Mobile Internet Performance and Security
  15. Kubernetes 1.14: Local Persistent Volumes GA
  16. Kubernetes v1.14 delivers production-level support for Windows nodes and Windows containers
  17. Lessons from 300k+ Lines of Infrastructure Code
  18. Lessons in absurd optimization
  19. Lessons learned porting 50k loc from Java to Go
  20. Magic number (programming)
  21. More Good Programming Quotes, Part 3
  22. OKRs Aren’t Going to Fix Your Communication Issues
  23. PostgreSQL performance on Raspberry Pi
  24. Programmatically restart pods in a Kubernetes cluster with Python
  25. Publishing GitHub Pages from Azure Pipelines
  26. Report: Optane DIMMs Provide Only Modest Performance Improvements
  27. The crux of voice (in)security: a brain study of speaker legitimacy detection
  28. The Persistence of Firefighting in Product Development
  29. The Unreasonable Effectiveness of SQL
  30. What is idempotence?
  31. What the hell is OAuth?
  32. Which Programming Languages Use the Least Electricity?
  33. Why Senior Devs Write Dumb Code and How to Spot a Junior From A Mile Away
  34. Why serverless is still in its infancy