Linki 2019-03-31

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  1. .NET Core Workers as Windows Services
  2. ‘AWS vs K8s’ is the new ‘Windows vs Linux’
  3. ‘Making Amazon look bad’: The unique and welcome way Microsoft is getting Amazon’s goat
  4. Amazon Aurora: design considerations for high throughput cloud-native relational databases
  5. Amazon Aurora: on avoiding distributed consensus for I/Os, commits, and membership changes
  6. Building Real-Time Charts With GraphQL And Postgres
  7. Bulletproof communication in distributed systems
  8. Calvin: fast distributed transactions for partitioned database systems
  9. Lambda Wrapper for AWS NodeJS Projects
  10. Developer to Manager
  11. Go 2018 Survey Results
  12. How to build your own CDN with Kubernetes
  13. Incrementally copy new files by LastModifiedDate with Azure Data Factory
  14. Open Source Cloud Native IoT Platform
  15. kube-proxy Subtleties: Debugging an Intermittent Connection Reset
  16. Kubernetes 1.14: Production-level support for Windows Nodes, Kubectl Updates, Persistent Local Volumes GA
  17. Let’s Buy a Train
  18. EFI boot application in C#
  19. Mid-air airplane repair: troubleshooting at WhatsApp
  20. Morning Cup of Coding
  21. On Internal Engineering practices at Amazon
  22. Open Sourcing Peloton, Uber’s Unified Resource Scheduler
  23. PostgreSQL DBaaS Calculator
  24. Rust is not a good C replacement
  25. Serverless DNS Over HTTPS (DoH) at the Edge
  26. Standardizing WASI: A system interface to run WebAssembly outside the web
  27. Storing UTC is not a silver bullet
  28. The Death of External Storage: Where’s Google?
  29. Trill 101: how to add temporal queries to your applications
  30. Typing inside of the default WSL terminal feels amazing, why is it better than every other app? · Issue #327 · Microsoft/console
  31. Vugu: A modern UI library for Go+WebAssembly (experimental)
  32. Was MongoDB Ever the Right Choice?
  33. Why Docker Containers Matter, 6 Years After the Project First Started
  34. Why we migrated serverless ? inboxkitten from ? Firebase to ☁️ Cloudflare workers and ? CommonsHost
  35. Why we moved our servers to Iceland
  36. Working with UTF-8 in the kernel
  37. WTF is Big O Notation?