Linki 2019-03-17

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  1. 7 Commandments for Event-Driven Architecture
  2. A gentle introduction to multithreading
  3. All About EOF
  4. Announcing .NET Core 3 Preview 3
  5. Associations of Cognitive Function Scores with Carbon Dioxide, Ventilation, and Volatile Organic Compound Exposures in Office Workers
  6. Basecamp outage: When it rains, it pours
  7. Bullet Docsv0.6.0
  8. DARPA Is Building a $10 Million, Open Source, Secure Voting System
  9. DTrace on Windows
  10. Edge TPU: Hands-On with Google’s Coral USB Accelerator
  11. Efficient synchronisation of state-based CRDTs
  12. Exploiting commutativity for practical fast replication
  13. Exploring container security: four takeaways from Container Community Summit 2019
  14. Extracting BitLocker keys from a TPM
  15. Facebook announces next-generation Open Rack frame
  16. Facebook blames a server configuration change for yesterday’s outage
  17. Failover Architectures: the Infrastructural Excess of the Data Centre Industry
  18. Give Me Back My Monolith
  19. Google Cloud Status Dashboard
  20. GRiSP 2
  21. How to Edit Linux Files Remotely in Windows Using Visual Studio Code
  22. JohnSully/KeyDB
  23. Keeping Open Source Open – Open Distro for Elasticsearch
  24. Killed by Google
  25. Kubernetes Setup Using Ansible and Vagrant
  26. Marriott CEO shares post-mortem on last year’s hack
  27. Meritocracy doesn’t exist, and believing it does is bad for you
  28. Microservices after Two Years
  29. Microservices in a Post-Kubernetes Era
  30. Netflix and Google jointly donate their continuous delivery system, Spinnaker, to the Continuous Delivery Foundation

    cloud agnostic isn’t necessarily about switching provider. Its usually about being in a strong negotiating position.

  31. New – Open Distro for Elasticsearch

  32. NGINX to Join F5: Proud to Finish One Chapter and Excited to Start the Next

  33. On “Open” Distros, Open Source, and Building a Company

  34. Paul Hammant’s Blog: So you think monolith is the only alternative to microservices

  35. Programming in Rust: the good, the bad, the ugly.

  36. Raw Block Volume support to Beta

  37. Reasons To Use A Third Party Firewall In Azure

  38. Reinventing Facebook’s data center network

  39. RFC8482 - Saying goodbye to ANY

  40. rurban/smhasher

  41. Writing great docs as a bad writer

  42. Technical Debt is like Tetris

  43. The main stories of QCon London ’19

  44. The rise of Personal Knowledge Management tools

  45. The State of Caching in Go

  46. Top ten Docker images contain over 8000 vulnerable paths

  47. Understanding the Stellar Consensus Protocol

  48. Universal Software Engineer: fact or myth?

  49. Using the iPad Pro as my development machine · Fatih Arslan

  50. What students know that experts don’t: School is all about signaling, not skill-building

  51. Why I rewrote the mesh generator of Dust3D from Rust to C++ · Dust3D

  52. Windows Kernel Logic Bug Class: Access Mode Mismatch in IO Manager

  53. Sundial: Harmonizing Concurrency Control and Caching in a Distributed OLTP Database Management System

  54. Microservice Architecture: Aligning Principles, Practices, and Culture