Linki 2019-03-03

  1. Understanding Real-World Concurrency Bugs in Go
  2. FreeFlow: Software-based Virtual RDMA Networking for Containerized Clouds
  3. Hyperscan: A Fast Multi-pattern Regex Matcher for Modern CPUs
  4. [Free O’Reilly Ebook] Cloud Native DevOps With Kubernetes : Full Book
  5. A Brief History of Containers
  6. A New Golden Age for Computer Architecture
  7. A visual guide to Go Memory Allocator from scratch (Golang)
  8. AWS API Performance Comparison: Serverless vs. Containers vs. API Gateway integration
  9. Comparing C and Rust network protocol exercises
  10. Context isn’t for cancellation
  11. Differentiation and Integration
  12. FreeFlow: Software-based Virtual RDMA Networking for Containerized Clouds
  13. From sequential to parallel with Go
  14. Google: Software is never going to be able to fix Spectre-type bugs
  15. hobby-kube/guide
  16. How Reliable are SSDs?
  17. Is C# a low-level language?
  18. Is Shared Database in Microservices actually anti-pattern?
  19. Journey to Event Driven – Part 3: The Affinity Between Events, Streams and Serverless
  20. Kelsey Hightower on Twitter
  21. lemire/simdjson
  22. Microservices are not the destination
  23. Microservices vs The World
  24. MySQL Challenge: 100k Connections
  25. Observability is for troubleshooting
  26. Performance of Iodine over DNS-over-HTTPS
  27. Practical Go: Real world advice for writing maintainable Go programs
  28. Programmer Vs Developer Vs Engineer
  29. rancher/k3s
  30. Reconstructing Twitter’s Firehose
  31. Supermicro hardware weaknesses let researchers backdoor an IBM cloud server
  32. The art of writing eBPF programs: a primer.
  33. The last POWER1 on Mars is dead
  34. The Myth of Commoditized Excellence
  35. The Principal Developer
  36. The Unscalable, Deadlock-prone, Thread Pool
  37. Tips and tricks for ASP.NET Core applications
  38. Writing User Space Network Drivers
  39. Towards an understanding of technical debt
  40. What happened to OpenStack?
  41. What you need may be “pipeline +Unix commands” only
  42. You want HOW MANY years experience?!